Bangkok Post, Nation & Thai Rath censors Yingluck supporting poll

A poll, recently found that about 68% of Thais, support Yingluck‘s rice subsidy scheme. But if you read the Bangkok Post, Nation, and Thai Rath-that poll never existed.

And the following is a report, about “News Censorship” in Thailand, and it relates also, to journalism ethics and journalist professionalism, in Thailand.

  • What is a poll, but the opinion of people?

During the past few months, the issue of Yingluck’s rice subsidy scheme have been in the news, many times as the lead story at newspaper like Bangkok Post, Nation and Thai Rath.

There is no doubt about it, Yinglck’s rice scheme is highly controversial here in Thailand-and off course, news outfit that serves the Thai establishment, like Bangkok Post, Nation and Thai Rath, have been against Yingluck’s rice subsidy scheme.

And thus, if you know Thailand, Bangkok Post, Nation and Thai Rath, have been mostly on a “Propaganda” campaign, attacking Yingluck’s rice subsidy.

For example, on the day that 1,000s of Thai rice farmers protested against a school, NIDA, petitioning the constitutional court, Bangkok Post and Thai Rath, rand the picture of a handful of egg farmers protesting, “Censoring Out” picture of protesting rice farmers.

The climax, of the rice subsidy story, is when the Thai Central Bank Chairman, gave an exclusive press interview to the Nation-and said Yingluck’s rice scheme, will doom Thailand, because it is infected with corruption.

Off course, here, after the Central Bank chairman statement, in the minds of many particularly those that stand against Yingluck, it is the end of the story-as Yingluck clearly was in trouble.

  • As Thai Rath says, quote; “Anti Yingluck rice support scheme sentiment, spread-ed across Thailand like wildfire.”

And with the combined might, of Bangkok Post, Nation and Thai Rath standing against Yingluck, using their power and influence, to move public opinion against Yingluck-again it looked bad for Yingluck.

And things was even worse. Yingluck caved. So Yingluck, off course, was shocked, by the Central Bank statement that her rice subsidy will dom Thailand because of corruption, and so said she will heed to the Central Bank chairman advice-and clamp down on the corruption.

  • Here, few reported the news!

In sum, as it stood, with the journalism community in Bangkok, is that Yingluck’s rice scheme will doom Thailand-and Bangkok Post, Nation and Thai Rath, propagated that news to its millions of readers. And that somewhere in the back of the mind, a Yingluck who admitted that corruption existed.

  • What does one expect next?

Yesterday, a poll, of those that said they followed the Thai rice report news,  found that about 68% of Thais, support Yingluck’s subsidy scheme.

  • Today, Bangkok Post and Nation, censored the news of the poll from their newspaper. Yesterday, at about 7pm Bangkok time, I checked Bangkok Post and Nation website, and I could not find news of the poll on the first page of their website.

The news, of about 68% of Thais support Yingluck’s rice scheme, also, did not make front page at Thai Rath, perhaps, buried somewhere deep inside where few will see it.

  • Off course, the Thai establishment and its media, does not take into account the Thai people-and here is the proof. What are polls? Well simply they are the opinion of the people. And what did Bangkok Post, Nation and Thai Rath do-well, they censor out the opinion of the people.

What is the next Bangkok Post, Nation and Thai Rath propaganda episode? Well, the Constitutional Court, the Anti Corruption Body, what Abhisit says-again, all part of the Thai establishment-off course.

What is new, with the Thai establishment and media in its pocket, like Bangkok Post, Nation and Thai Rath?

As for corruption? Off course, Bangkok Post, Nation and Thai Rath, censored out Transparency International findings, that Thaksin government was less corrupt than Abhisit government. And if you question Thai Intel here, go and do your research!


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