Exposing Abhisit’s Democrat Party net-work into Bangkok Post

Just briefly, in a recent Forbes Magazine article, Thaksin said something interesting, that quote: “I am un-lucky, Thailand has two English language newspapers and both of them are against me.”

There is no need to talk about the Nation, as its quality is low enough not to qualify it as a newspaper, filled with freaky editors like Thanong K and Tulsathit. But Bangkok Post is a different matter.

  • “The respected Bangkok Post reported,” is often what foreign journalist in Thailand will say, when they report on what Bangkok Post reports on, and Thai Intel sees this statement very often.

But could Thaksin be correct, that Bangkok Post is against him?

Well, examples are, as incredible as it may sounds, when Yingluck addressed the United Nations General Assembly, the Bangkok Post did not run the story or a picture of that address on the front page of its newspaper, perhaps burred somewhere inside. Then equally incredible, Bangkok Post edited out Yingluck, in a picture of Yingluck taking the Japanese PM to visit the Thai KIng.

On the other hand, then, when Abhisit was charged with Murder for the Red Shirts crackdown, Bangkok Post just said Abhisit was charged-leaving out the crime of Murder, in the head line, and there was no picture of Abhisit or the head of the Thai FBI.

Then the following day, Bangkok Post ran a story, saying Abhisit to fight “Murder Rap” with a picture of Abhisit.

However, from looking at Bangkok Post reports, indeed about 90% of its report is against Thaksin andYingluck. And its editorial, is filled with the so-called Bangkok Liberal philosophy, that says the “Good People” are better off governing Thailand, against the “Bad Politicians.” And the good people, can come from anywhere, even non elected.

However, on the positive side, all that 90% against Thaksin and Yingluck reports and the Bangkok Liberal philosophy-may be just the normal “Critical Press” doing its job-and Thai Intel is sure many will probably argue this point.

Yet, there are some facts to consider, that points to “Policy Corruption” by the Bangkok Post, that challenges the Bangkok Post’s morality and ethics.

  • First, a very big boss at Bangkok Post, Supakorn Vajjachiva, donated about 2 million baht, of his personal money, to the Democrat Party‘s election campaign, ahead of the last general election (see here in Thai). Secondly, A Democrat Party big-wig, Kalaya Soponpanich, is a close relative to Bangkok Bank’s president Chartsiri Sophonpanich-where Chartsiri sits on the board of Bangkok Post, for ages now (see here in Thai).

Then off course, there is the Chirathiwat Family and Grammy Entertainment, that controls a big chunk of Bangkok Post stocks. Both the Chirathiwat Family and the owner of Grammy Entertainment, are known in Thailand, to be anything but friendly to the Red Shirts. Then Bangkok Bank, is an arch enemy of the Red Shirts.

The Red Shirts, off course, is an ally of Thaksin and Yingluck.


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