If Bangkok Post & Nation are truthful about their product label, what should the label say?

I recently had a run in, with a foreign friend. He told me, quote: “Thai Intel is boring, you need to spice it up. You are saying the same thing over and over. Everyone in Bangkok long enough knows Bangkok Post and the Nation hates Thaksin and Yingluck and they do not like democracy.”

I was shocked, and fell into a long silence.

Then he says, quote: “What the long term foreigners here in Bangkok talk about, is if Bangkok Post is jealous of the Nation, because the Nation is doing a superb job kissing Abhisit‘s ass. Everyone knows they are not balance. Only the new comers to Thailand does not know. It is a matter of taste, some foreigners hate Thaksin and Yingluck, and do not give a shit about Democracy, and they love Bangkok Post and the Nation.”

Those words hit me hard for a very long time.

I felt like an idiot, going around always screaming at Bangkok Post and Nation, as examples of bad journalism, just so non-professional without ethics and morality. And worse of all, being against Democracy, like protecting the Constitutional Court and its abuse of power. I am truly a fool, assuming people care about professionalism, moral and ethical journalism.

  • In that hopelessness, that no one cares, it made me think of an article I once read, about the Thais.

Believe it or not, a ranking units, found that Thai consumers top the globe as consumers who reads the fine print, meaning the label on the products. What that means, is that the Thais pay attention to the product, before they buy it.

  • The Thai people cares, to know about something before they buy it.

And in fact, Thailand has one of the most progressive product labeling law on the globe. And countless public awareness raising campaign are done in Thailand, so that consumers read the product label before they buy the product.

  • As a journalist, the product I often buy is newspaper, and I do see the labels on the newspaper.

Bangkok Post label itself, “The newspaper you can trust.” The Nation label itself, “Insightful and in trend.”

  • The problem with those label, is that they are not entirely correct.

Bangkok Post is not trusted by most who reads it long enough. In fact, most who have been here long enough, knows it has a  “Right Wing Black Box” every piece of news must go through, so it is like Fox, mostly “Trash Journalism.” And trash is what many people like.  As for Nation, clearly, Nation is not insightful or in trend, but “Pushing its own Stupid Anti Democracy, anti Thaksin and Anti Yingluck Trend” for stupid people to read. And there are lots of stupid people around.

I often wonder, if I can call up the Thai Commerce Ministry, and complain about how the Bangkok Post and Nations, are lying on their labels.

The fact is, Bangkok Post should just simply say, as its label, quote: “Voice of the Thai Fascist” and the Nation should just label itself, quote: “We Stand for Hate Thaksin and Yingluck.”


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