Why is Bangkok Post proud to run news similar to Manager, Naew Na, Thai Post & Siam Rath?

When I first went to work for the Bangkok Post and wanted to resign, because everyone tells me, newspaper people in Thailand are scum of Thailand, my boss, Kowit, an editor, told me, quote: “The Thai King would go and mingle with the newspaper people, acting as if he was a journalist, many times.”

That was before all the political crisis, way back, when the Thai King was still a symbol of “Honor” and “Goodness.” So I stay on as a Bangkok Post journalist, always thinking, that it is a “Honorable” job, that I can use my writings, to do some good for Thailand. And for years I was proud of being a Bangkok Post journalist, thinking of the Thai King.

Here in Thailand, if you know the newspaper industry, Manager, Maew Na, Thai Post & Siam Rath, are considered the embarrassment of the newspaper industry.

Apart from all of them, being extremely far right wing fanatics, totally anti democracy and pro elite establishment, their journalism style is utterly without professionalism, ethics and morality.

  • On a regular basis, all of them make up news and facts out of thin air, and with real facts they twist it, creating and editing into existence a new reality, and then propagate that correct to the extreme far right reality, to the Thai society to consume. What I am saying is not any type of new revelation. Most people in the news business, and I argue, even the Bangkok Post, knows this as fact.

Recently, the Bangkok Post edited the picture of Yingluck, in a front page large picture of a real picture of Yingluck taking the Japanese leader, to have an audience with the Thai King. That is plainly “Censorship.” There have been others, not just photo-journalism. When Transparency International said Thailand’s corruption ranking fell against other country, the Bangkok Post said Thailand’s corruption under Yingluck got worse. But the Bangkok Post never reported, that Transparency International “Raw” score of corruption under Yingluck was getting better. There are so many other “Propaganda” by Bangkok Post, similar to that, it is amazing.

  • And here, is what I mean about, quote: “Make up news and facts out of thin air, and with real facts they twist it, creating and editing into existence a new reality, and then propagate it to the Thai society to consume.”

Yet all of that, I can accept.

Bangkok Post is waging a war against Thaksin and Yingluck and trying to destroy democracy, for the elite establishment to continue to be on top. That is fair game. Newspapers globally have positions. Bangkok Post has always been right wing. However, as I go to the news stand every morning, and scan the newspaper, of what to buy, it never amazes me, how the news on the front page of Bangkok Post, is so similar to news in Manager, Naew Na, Thai Post and Siam Rath.

  • And all the time, I ask myself, does the Bangkok Post knows that it is in the same league with those fanatics and low grade newspapers?

Of course, foreigners in Thailand sees the Bangkok Post as something like the best Thai newspaper. They of course, can not read Thai, and does not know that Bangkok Post news is very similar to all those fanatics, far extreme right wing, low quality newspaper.

Well, for the few foreigners who comes by this article, now you know. The Bangkok Post is no Thai RathKhao Sod or Matichon, three of the massively selling heavily because of quality newspaper in Thailand.

  • As for Manager, Naew Na, Thai Post and Siam Rath, they are practically going out of business, from getting so few sales, but is kept up, mainly by wealthy backers, with a non-commercial, political agenda. Perhaps that is what Bangkok Post has also become, just a platform for propagating extreme far right, anti democracy, pro elite establishment news.

Yet after all is said and done, how can the Bangkok Post be proud to be running in the same league as Manager, Naew Na, Thai Post and Siam Rath. I just can not understand how they can live with that reality. It is like running in the same league as “The Voice of Hitler.” Maybe the only reason, is that Bangkok Post counts on foreigners not knowing.

Am I proud of having worked at Bangkok Post? Well, I must say, I now agree with all those people who told me to leave the Bangkok Post, because being a newspaper man in Thailand, is just the scum of the country.


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