Two iconic extreme right journalist face charges of “Sexually Related Attack” on Thaksin & Yingluck

Charges have been filed with the police, separately, on two of Thailand’s iconic far extreme right journalist, Chermsak Pinthong and Chai Ratchawat, for offenses about “Sexual Related Attack” on Thaksin  Shinawatra and his sister, Thai PM Yingluck Shinawatra .

Today, Thailand’s PM Yingluck Shinawatra, gave power to her lawyer to file charges on Chai Ratchawat for saying that PM Yingluck is quote: “Worse than a whore.” Chai Ratchawat, is a cartoonist that works for the mostly far right wing newspaper, Thai Rath.

Meanwhile, yesterday, a young women celebrity, file charged on Chermsak Pinthong, a regular on far extreme right wing radio and TV for posting a picture of her hugging Thaksin, with the word, saying that she, quote: “Wants to “F-ck Thaksin.” The picture implies that Thaksin likes to f-ck young girls.

The Thai establishment is currently outraged by PM Yingluck’s speech on Democracy in Mongolia. Both actions by Chai and Chermsak outraged Yingluck and Thaksin supporters, such as the Red Shirts.

The result is on social network, many Red Shirts blasted back in equally graphic language. Some academic, such as at the Nithirat group, have advised that the Red Shirts remain calm and if they stooped to the same level, using the same type of language, they will be at  the same as Chai and Chermsak.

That advice did not work much, most Red Shirts are having a great deal of fun, talking about Chai and Chermsak’s mother and father, in graphic language. Yingluck’s Pheu Thai Party women MPs, about 20 of them, held a press conference today, asking Thai Rath to be kind and polite, the Thai Mothers


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