Fascist news units, take advantage of consumer ignorance, slip in English version for globe

Just very briefly, there are many Fascist Thai news organizations, that publish mostly in the Thai language-and mostly, cater the Thai fascist readers. Being Fascist news outlet, they are mostly extremist, that carries little journalism standard and ethics, but publish, mostly for propaganda effect.

  • But increasingly, many of these Fascist news outlets are producing English language news. The problem is that Thai news readers, outside of Thailand, may have very little knowledge that what they are consuming-comes from the voice of Thai Fascist.

Several global level news aggregate sites, increasingly, are carrying English news from Thai Fascist news outfit.

  • For example, one would see the news aggregate site, citing Thai Fascist news outfit such as ManagerThai Post, Naew Na and other Fascist source, that traditionally reports in Thai language-but the article, at the news aggregate site, will be in English.

These article, most of them, will be highly critical of the Yingluck‘s government, and they reflect a similar attitude found in Bangkok Post and Nation, which are also anti Yingluck-but the nature of their attack on Yingluck, is more stark and direct.

It is un-known, why these Fascist Thai news outlet, that publish mostly in the Thai language, will single out some of their articles, and publish them in the English language.

The only rationale explanation, is that these Fascist news outfits, that do mostly Thai language news, target news aggregate sites with their English language publishing, is meant to capture Global audience-that have little knowledge that they are Fascist.


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