A question for Time Magazine, is the Cathay Pacific Airline flight attendant a nut case?

Just very briefly, Time Magazine, has reported on the Cathay Pacific Airline flight attendant situation, and said on the first paragraph, quote: “Thaksin is the most divisive figure in Thailand’s history.”

Time Magazine, has a very long track record of being anti Red Shirts and Thaksin, going back to the days of the Red Shirts protest-never sympathetic to their cause or felt sorrow for the Red Shirts deaths and injuries from the protest. The extent of Time Magazine’s cold shoulder, given to the Red Shirts, extends to even ridiculing those, who compares the Red Shirts protest to the Arab Spring.

All of the above, stems from one factor, Time Magazine’s position on Thaksin, which is similar to the establishment’s position on Thaksin, meaning, Thaksin is the cause of all of Thailand’s problems, and from that, it follows, that Thaksin is “Divisive.”

So Time Magazine, like everyone else globally, is writing about the Cathay Pacific Airline flight attendant  who threatened on Facebook, to pour coffee on Thaksin’s daughter’s head, because she hates Thaksin so much.

And interestingly, again, Time Magazine in the first paragraph, said quote: “Thaksin is the most divisive figure in Thailand’s history.”

The problem, for Time Magazine, is that Thailand’s history in recent years, is very complicated and very difficult, for any neutral person to figure out, as to what is right and what is wrong, what is real and what is fake.

However, perhaps, the Cathay Pacific Airline flight attendant case, can serve as a “Simplification” and a “Magnifying Glass” to what Thailand, is all about in recent years.

What Thai Intel wants to ask Time Magazine, is if the problem, with the Cathy Pacific Airline flight attendant wanting to pour coffee on to Thaksin’s daughter’s head, is because Thaksin is divisive or is it because the flight attendant is a nut case?

With the only logical and reasonably answer being the Flight Attendant is a nut case, perhaps, Time Magazine, will have the understanding, to what the wider picture in Thailand, is all about in recent years.


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