A self-confessed, admirer of Abhisit & hates Yingluck, steps too far into “Dirty Journalism”

There is this Thai journalist on Channel 7, who self-confesses to being a “Great Admirer” of AbhisitThailand‘s former prime minister. And so actually, this journalist wrote a book on Abhisit, off course, filled to the brim with praises.

Perhaps related, but when it comes to Yingluck, Thailand’s current prime minister, who won an election landslide against Abhisit, this Channel 7 journalist is the “Utmost aggressive” not only in content of her questions, but in her sheer “Aggressive Behavior” in putting those, hard-hitting question, against Yingluck.

So there obviously is a clash, between Thailand’s prime minister and this Channel 7 journalist, with many times, when this journalist starts to get aggressive, Yingluck would cut the interview short, and just walk away from the whole group of journalist.

The clash, off course, would get video taped, and one or two of these clashes, were put on You Tube. And here, is where this report takes another turn.

But apparently, a Red Shirts, who supports Yingluck, posted the Thai Word, “Chat Nak” on this Channel 7 journalist.

The Channel 7 journalist thus, felt threatened by that “Chat Nak” wording and it became a big issue, to which even Bangkok Pundit, said the Red Shirts action was an aggressive and threatening action.

Well, the Thai police, looked into the matter, and said they could do nothing because the word “Chat Nak” is not a threatening word. Well, “Chat Nak” in Thai means, “Set it up heavy” and is commonly used by a great many Thais to say, something like “Make it a big issue” in a modern twist of wording by the younger Thai generation.

So clearly, Bangkok Pundit, is out of his water here in this case.

But that is not the end to this report, there is another turn about this Love-Abhisit and Hate-Yingluck journalist.

Well, it is channel 7 turn to head Thailand’s TV Pool, to go to Cambodia and cover the ASEAN meeting there, where Yingluck will be going, and one thing lead to another, and no one quite knows what happened, but this Love-Abhisit and Hate-Yingluck journalist was cut from the list of journalist to be heading to cover Yingluck’s Cambodia visit.

So you guessed it, at all the anti-Yingluck press, like Nation Group and Manager Group, this is big news and they have been twittering this all day long. And obviously, Abhisit related media is also doing the same like Blue Sky Channel.

The latest is that this journalist is like freaking out big times, threatening to sue the Red Shirts and threatening to impeach Yingluck for the un-constitutional act of barring her from going to Cambodia.


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