Thai journalists, factual incorrect, ignore correction request from large numbers of readers

Recently, on twitter, many Thai journalist that works for mainstream media, such as the Nation Group, began posting on “Twitter” that Thailand is on a money laundering “Black List.”

That was clearly an incorrect information as Thailand was on a “Gray List.” And on Twitter, Twitter began to correct the mistake of many Thai journalist.

This correction spread quite quickly, and from who Thai Intel follows-about 5-6 Twitter were in communication with Thai journalist-again, correcting them.

  • For example, a Twitter, Andrew Spooner, Twittered to editors of the Nation Group, correcting their mistake. Yet, the Nation Group journalist ignored him-and continued to twitter of the “Black List.”

And finally, Andrew just simply asked one Nation Editor, on Twitter, quote: “You know the truth, but why are you insisting to lie.” Andrew, perhaps is a very naive foreigner, because he also said, quote: “It is your country, why are you hurting it.”

But then, perhaps Andrew forgot something, and that is, most of Thailand’s media have taken side, in this Thai political divide-and that includes the Nation Group-and so here in Thailand, it is not the country the journalist are concerned about, but who wins the control of Thailand.

And so on the day after the news was released, on the front page of the Nation Group newspapers, were the words, quote: “Thailand on the Black List” and that is after being corrected, before the printing of the newspaper.

What is not surprising, is that just about every Thai media that is anti-government, did the same as the Nation Group, with perhaps, also have been corrected, but still ran with the report to discredit the government of Yinbgluck.

The point in all of this, is not to point out, that the Thai media have taken sides, or that Thai media, like the Nation Group will lie to its readers-those who are familiar with Thailand, off course knows of the utterly lacking in moral and ethical standards of most of the Thai media.

And it is not to point out, of the lack of professionalism with the Thai media-to even check basic facts-or also, to point out that the Thai media, is just playing politics for the side that they support.

But what Thai Intel finds that is particularly troublesome, is that there are many people on Twitter, that have gone to follow Thai journalist-to interact with them and exchange views. God knows why but Thai Intel is the same, following a bunch of Thai journalist.

But from what Thai Intel have seen, like with the Nation Group, there is very little learning and exchange of views going on.

Take Thanong K of the Nation Group, all he does on Twitter, is preach, preach, preach and preach-his philosophy. He has been doing this consistently for a very long time and no matter how many people interact with him-trying to reason and correcting him-it is still the same sermon over and over and over-that democracy, liberrty, justice and human rights are non-Thai value.

What Thai Intel finds interesting, is there are still people like Andrew that actually cares, correcting things and trying to get some clarity-hoping, journalist at like the Nation Group will listen.

But obviously, with the many journalist, like of the Nation Group who is on some type of a mission to do anything to destroy the government of Yingluck-Thai Intel just wonders, why on earth is people like Andrew Spooner and also another friend, like Freaking Cat, are still trying to get through-to Thai journalist.

As for Thai Intel, after seeing how the Nation Group treated Andrew on the Black List, Thai Intel just said the heck with a Thai Intel’s angle on this very important news-like as Abhisit is calling for the Yingluck government to rush passage of legislation to address this issue, the fact is, when he was the Thai Prime Minister, lesgislation to address this issue, was tabled and went no where in Parliament.

Basically, Thai Intel decided to say, quote: “Screw Thailand.”


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