Press blast Prodprasop anti-protesters words & Press Public Relations Abhisit murder charge

For the past few days, Thai press such as the Bangkok Post and Nation have been blasting away at a PM Yingluck Shinawatra minister, Prodprasop, for his many anti-protesters words, he have made, as related to a major gathering on water management people in Chiang Mai Thailand.

Of course, most Thai press have kept out the back-ground, as it reports those stark and hostile comments on protesters by Prodprasop. The fact is, Thailand is a divided country, where most that have been active in protesting Thailand’s water management, in the past, are part of the old anti Yingluck and Thaksin movement.

Most Thai media observer say, not reporting the political angle to the protesters is acceptable as every media takes a side in Thailand. And political observer says protesters, political or real issue in nature, has the right to protest, about whatever, under Democratic principles.

But interestingly, as the likes of Bangkok Post, goes maximum critical on Prodprasop, the big news today is that Abhisit had to go to the DSI, to hear new murder charges levy on him. To most media expert, that is big news and it is about “Murder” not just about something like “Bad Mouth” at protesters, such as Prodprasop did.

On the news aggregate site, nearly every foreign news agency that covers this news, except for the pro Abhisit Reuters, says something like, quote:

“Abhisit hear new charges of murder” as the headline.

And in fact, according to journalism rules, that is the correct journalistic headline. Meanwhile, as the press such as Bangkok Post finds it so difficult to accept, that Prodprasop, perhaps is tired of all the water related protest, that are politically driven, the Bangkok Post and others, have reported on the Abhisit new murder charge, quote:

“Abhisit reports to DSI” as the head-line.

Clearly, reports like that is doing public relations for Abhisit, in watering down the story. Obviously, Bangkok Post and Nation are part of the anti democracy, Elite establishment that supports Abhisit. And of course, Bangkok Post and Nation is anti Yingluck and Thaksin. And that is probably why; the Bangkok Post is outraged at Prodprasop and doing public relations for Abhisit.

What is new, about Thailand’s “Low Quality”  journalism? (Source: Bangkok Post and the Nation)


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