Following Facebook case, now a Twitter case of equally “Open & Blatant” threat to “Kill” Red Shirts

A Thai soldier have threatened, on Twitter, to kill Red Shirts!

Thai soldier, who calls himself “Golfza Infantry” on Twitter, have posted that he will kill Red Shirts. “I will shoot your heads into explosion, red buffalo, I swear….all of you,” says Golfza Infantry on twitter.

Over the years, as the Thai political divide erupted, there have been many threat by Thais to kill other Thais on social-network. Most of the threat to kill other Thais, comes from Thais who are pro-Elite establishment. The threat to kill other Thais by the pro-Elite Thais, are targeted to kill the people of the lower class, like the Red Shirts.

Earlier in the year, on Facebook, a girl posted her Youtube “Ranting” of how much she wanted to kill Red Shirts.

It is un-know and is un-substantiated by academic report, why those who profess in far extreme right wing ideology, in Thailand, like the Elite Establiehment, are pro-violence. Some offer the theory that in Thailand, the law in Thailand, serves the elite establiehment, making them feel, that they could get away with anything, including killing people.


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