Money trail to various Thai Fascist Movement linked to the press?

Just briefly, today, Thai Rath newspaper reports a PM Yingluck deputy minister, Charlerm, identifying three well know firms as financially supporting the Fascist gathering at Sanam Luang. The firms are linked to media empires.

Chalerm, did not mentioned their names directly, but said it included a bank, a firm in ready eat food business and a booze firm. Here in Thailand, long held believed by popular perception, for about 5 to 10 years now, is that Bangkok Bank, CP and the Thai liquor Tycoon, Charoen who just took over a Singaporean firm, F&N, have been secretly financially supporting those who wants to topple Thaksin and Yingluck.

In fact, all three have been linked by wide-spread accepted belief, that they are the “Key” supporter of the Fascist Yellow Shirts movement, that went to shut down the airports and the Thai government, setting the stage for a coup. For example, earlier, there was a widespread consumer boycott drive against Bangkok Bank, exactly because of its support for the Yellow Shirts.

The interesting point to this blog, is that two of the mentioned firm, have a serious media empire attached to it.

First Bangkok Bank, linked to Abhisit Dems, through family ties, has the Bangkok Post Group of media, working for it, as Bangkok bank president sits on Bangkok Post board for ages. In fact, a Bangkok Post editor donated money to Abhisit Dems, in the last general eletion.

And then CP, has True Corporations that runs a Cable TV business. Both Bangkok Post and CP’s True Cable Vision, on a regularly basis run anti-Thaksin and anti-Yingluck news, and pro Fascism news.

It is not too complicated to figure out, that both the Bangkok Post and True Cable TV, with Bangkok Bank and CP funding Fascist Suthep’s and Sondhi Yellow Shirts before that, supports the Thai Fascist movement.


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