About 90% of Thai press, “Censor” Moodys latest rating on rice scheme

About 90% of Thai press, such as Bangkok Post, Nation and others, have “censor” the latest Moodys rating report on Thai rice scheme.  After relying on a newspaper report, where in Thailand newspapers like Bangkok Post, the Nation, Krungthep Turakil and a string of other hate yingluck press, are well known as mostly “Politicized Trash” for making a credit rating call, Moodys today said Thailand’s credit rating is not under threat from the rice subsidy scheme. Thailand‘s credit rating is not in danger of being downgraded because of its rice intervention scheme, rating agency Moody’s said on Thursday. ”The rating is not under threat. If you look at the credit analysis that we published in late April, there are a lot of factors that support the rating at the current level of Baa1, and that’s also why we have a stable outlook,” Moody’s sovereign risk analyst Steffen Dyck told Reuters. Moody’s Baa1 rating is at the lower to medium end of the investment-grade scale. Dyck described Thailand’s public finances as “comparatively strong” when set beside those of countries with a similar rating and said its economic growth outlook was “relatively robust”. A Thai rice farmer, on the out-scerts of Bangkok, told Thai Intel Short News,  ”Thank you, our lives depend on the scheme (Source).


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