Bangkok Post censors murder Akeyouth sister statement & hype up tarnish forensic expert (Up-Dated)

What is new about Thailand‘s “Trash Journalism?” Cureently, in Thailand, who killed Akeyouth is a hot controvesrial subject, between Thaksin and a robbery. Most hate Thaksin and hate Yingluck press like Bangkok Post, are of course, focusing making a case for Thaksin killing Akeyouth. Today, as many Thailand press reports that Ekyouth sister saying that the murder of Akeyuth is non-political, thus press like Bangkok Post, have censor the news. Apart from censoring the news of the sister statement, Bangkok Post also hyped up Khunying Porntip, as a forensic expert. The fact is, the Khunying, only weeks ago was transfered from her post by the Yingluck government and the Khunying, is greatly ridiculed in Thailand for her statement that the GT200 fake bomb detector, can detect bombs. At this point, who knows what really occurred to Akeyuth, but is it not the duty of the press to present all information? Again, what is new with Thaiand’s “Trash” press, such as the Bangkok Post? Just the usual hate Yingluck and hate Thaksin propaganda. (Up-Dated) Two days after Akeyouth sister statement, today, Bangkok Post report on the sister, perhaps, the propaganda this time, was too obvious.


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