The people of the future & how journalism will change

Is it silly, like seriously, have you counted how many articles in the past year news outfit like Reuters and BangkokPost have run criticizing Yingluck’s rice subsidy? My count is like both Reuters and BangkokPost have produced 10s upon 10s of article about the rice scheme, and of course, all of them negative.

The crux of Reuters and Bangkok Post is simple, Yingluck is buying votes with here rice scheme and that the rice subsidy is like evil incarnated, anti market force and all the rest.

So if you happen to be a typical consumer of news in Thailand and globe over, where Bangkok Post represents Thailand and Reuters represents the globe, you would of course, likely agree with both of them, that there is something seriously wrong with Yingluck’s rice scheme.

But for some people, few in numbers these days, who read a wide range of global press, perhaps the hatred towards Yingluck, the type Bangkok Post and Reuters have shown, would be tame.

Take me for example, as I read the Washongton Post every day.

And just last week, Washington Post reported that the USA Democrat party, was hoping to pass the Farm Bill. Why? Washington Post quoted a USA Democrat Party saying it was to help the Democrat Party  stay a majority in the house.

That was pretty explicit. There is no hiding the fact there. But why has the Washington Post, unlike Bangkok Post and Reuters thay said Yingluck was buying votes, did not call the Democrat Party as buying votes? Well, perhaps it is because things like pork and barrel politics, is just part of the democratic process.

Then as Bangkok Post and Reuters blast Yingluck Farm Subsidy as being like evil incarnated, again the Washington Post reported a while back, that New Zealand PM, calling for Eurozong and USA to stop their Farm Subsidy, as both are in economic problems and clearly can not afford it. The New Zealand PM went further, and talked about the things Reuters and Bangkok Post talked about, such as market distortion and all the rest.

The problem for newspaper like Bangkok Post and wire service like Reuters, in the future, is that while right now it is un-common, for a Thai sitting in Thailand to read the Washington Post, and sees what is going on globally, but in the future, the number of people like me will expand.

Today I am only but one voice, pointing to the hypocrisy and Imperialist behavior of the likes of Reuters, but in the future, when more people, like me, read the likes of the Washington Post, Reuters and the Bangkok Post will not get away with this current level of “Trash Journalism.”

The articles of the future, for example, when covering the Thai rice story, will include reference to what is going on in the USA like of the USA Democrat Party action on Farm Bill to win votes and on like what New Zealand PM says on the issue.

This current “Isolate” Thailand out for attack, will not be accepted in futures generation of global news consumers.


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