Bangkok Post TV news program & the TV station “Clash” over program credibility

A few days ago the Bangkok Post TV program on TV Channel 5 was going to run a critical report of K Water, the South Korean water infrastructure related company, as most Thai press said K Water was near bankrupt. About 10 seconds into the program, where Bangkok Post began to blast K Water, TV channel 5 cut off the broadcast and switch to other programming, and gave the explanation that the Bangkok Post program had content credibility problem and that K Water may file a law suit against the TV channel. The Bangkok Post, is of course, one of the “Hate Thaksin and Hate Yingluck” press in Thailand, and perhaps the cancel report, would have reflected what most Thai press have been saying, that K Water got a contract with the Thai government for its water project, even near bankrupt, because Thaksin is close to K Water. K Water, of course, is highly rated by several credit rating agency and have made a hefty profit for years and years, and far from bankruptcy. But what does Bangkok Post care, as it is on a campaign to attack Yingluck. Today Bangkok Post made a statement, refuting TV Channel 5, saying there is nothing wrong with its report. Bangkok Post says it has some 80 years of responsible journalism and track record of professionalism. Most Thai who knows the Bangkok Post, says Bangkok Post is just simply “Stupid Trash Journalism.”


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