Corruption? Bangkok Post big-shot donates US$60,000 to Abhisit’s Democrat Party

Is the likes Bangkok Post corrupt?

There are some facts to consider, that points to “Policy Corruption” by the Bangkok Post, that challenges the Bangkok Post’s morality and ethics.

First, a very big shot at Bangkok Post, Supakorn Vajjachiva, relative of Abhisit, who headed the Bangkok Post’s sister publication, Post Today, donated about US$60,000 of his personal money, to the Democrat Party‘s election campaign, ahead of the last general election (see here in Thai). That donation, was when he was at the Bangkok Post. He now sits on the Bangkok Post board.

Secondly, a Abhisit’s Democrat Party big-wig, Kalaya Soponpanich, is a close relative to Bangkok Bank’s president Chartsiri Sophonpanich. Chartsiri sits on the board of Bangkok Post (see here in Thai). The Bangkok Bank, is of course an arch enemy of the Red Shirts, and the Red Shirts in fact, have  boycotted the Bangkok Bank, for the banks well known support of the fascist Yellow Shirts. The Red Shirts are of course, an ally of Thaksin and Yingluck.

How do we interpret these above facts?

Can we call it corruption? Or should we just say, that the Bangkok Post, belongs to Abhisit?

In a recent Forbes Magazine article, Thaksin said something interesting, that quote: “I am un-lucky, Thailand has two English language newspapers and both of them are against me.” There is no need to talk about the Nation, as its quality is low enough to qualify it little as a newspaper. ButBangkok Post is different, as it is often called a Thai press institution.

But is the Bangkok Post, just Thailand’s Fox News?

There are so many examples of blatant propaganda by the Bangkok Post, Bangkok Post leaves Fox News eating dust. It boggles the mind, how Bangkok Post has abandoned journalism. For example, as incredible as it may sounds, when Yingluck addressed the United Nations General Assembly, clearly a big news for Thailand, as a country, the Bangkok Post did not run the story or a picture of that address on the front page of its newspaper. Then equally incredible, also, Bangkok Post edited out Yingluck’s picture, in a picture of Yingluck taking the Japanese PM to visit the Thai King. There are many other examples of how much Bangkok Post hates Yingluck, and is protective of Abhisit.

For example, when Abhisit reported to the Thai DSI, to hear murder charges, as every global press reports, something along the line that “Abhisit reports to DSI to hear murder charges, and that was the correct journalism statement, the Bangkok Post reported, quote: “Abhisit reports to DSI” and that was it. Then amazingly, on the following day, Bangkok Post ran a front page story, saying, quote:  ”Abhisit to fight “Murder Rap.”

Has Fox News ever stooped as low as the above?

And indeed, from looking at Bangkok Post on the long-term basis, it never has been fair to Thaksin or Yingluck. Its reports, indeed has always been about 90% against Thaksin andYingluck. And its editorial, is filled with the so-called Bangkok Liberal philosophy, that says democracy must be controlled and tamed, so the “Good People” can have room, to fight with against the “Bad Politicians.” The bad politician, is of course Thaksin and Yingluck.

So again is the Bangkok Post corrupt?


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