Rampant journalist censorship in prosecutor charge of Prem linked golf course graft case


2010 09 19 red shirt protest bkk 01

2010 09 19 red shirt protest bkk 01 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thailand‘s prosecutor, after years, finally bought charges against a high society golf club that has encroached on the national forest reserve. But most Thai press, little reported on the news. About four years ago, the Red Shirts went to the mountain forest reserve area and protested the golf course. That was because Privy Council Prem, an arch enemy of the Red Shirts, have a long track record of supporting the golf course, even having a house dedicated to him there. The Red Shirts argued that it was a double standard justice system, that went after the enemy of the elite establishment, but left the elite establishment breaking laws in the open. The Red Shirts argued back then, that the reason the golf course escaped prosecution was because of the Prem connection. Most Thai press have censored the news because, long known is that the owner of Bangkok Bank, the Sophonpanich family, is part owner of the gold projects, where the Bangkok Bank, is a major advertiser in Thailand. Most Thai press will also not touch on the subject of Prem, being the privy council. It will be interesting to see if the Bangkok Post will report on the news and how it will report on the news, since Chartsiri Sophonpanich, president of the Bangkok Bank, sits on the Bangkok Post board.


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