Journalist who said eat certain brand of rice and die try to escape fall-out

Rice fields near Chiang Mai, Thailand. Campos ...

Rice fields near Chiang Mai, Thailand. Campos de arroz cerca de Chiang Mai, Tailandia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A famous TV Journalist, Suthipong Thamavut, of the famous Thai TV show Kon Khon Thon, and MD of the TV programming company, TV Burapa, is being sued by several rice packaging company after he mentioned the names of bagged rice that is tainted with chemicals and said those who ate them, will die in five minutes.

Suthipong gave no evidence to back him up.

Thailand is being hit by a buffet of rumors on the quality of its rice, after several Thai press reports a “Fake News” that the USA has quarantine Thai rice for quality questions.

It is un-know why Suthipong made those statements, as some of the firms mentioned are Thailand’s largest agricultural conglomerate, with global standard quality assurance.

Suthipong, after being sued, made a public statement, that the information, was forwarded to him and he hit the re-send button mistakenly. He is trying to negotiate with those firms that have sued him, to drop the charges.

Yingluck’s government have threatened to use the computer crime act, to go after Suthipong, but the potential political fall out have cautious the Yingluck government, as Suthipong is a well known personality with links to the Yellow Shirt. Yingluck’s government is getting very frustrated by all the rumors about the Thai rice, hurting not just her government, but Thailand’s national interest as well.

Some Thai bagged rice brand, that are organically grown, is jumping on the band-wagon and have increase their advertising that their rice is free of chemicals and is safe to eat. Several Thai bagged rice company reports massive drop in volume of sales.

There has been no reports of people getting sick after eating Thai rice, however, given how politicized Thailand has become, some freak-out politicized Thai may claim illness after eating Thai rice in a few days.

Yesterday, in the Democrat Party strong-hold province, bags of rice were produced, with journalist readied for the event, and as the organizer ripped open the bagged rice, the rice were rotten. There are some speculation that the event was a set-up by the Democrat Party people.


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