Bangkok Post retracts nasty head-line report that says Anund spurns Yingluck

When I saw the Bangkok Post’s article yeaterday, saying Anund spurns advisory council, I was surprised by the strong worded head-line, but did not read the article. As always, the Bangkok Post to me is twisted and corrupt, in going after Yingluck. The following is from the Bangkok Pundit blog; The Bangkok Post yesterday had an article entitled “Post retracts Anand front-page article: Yesterday’s edition of the Bangkok Post carried a front-page article with the headline “Anand spurns advisory council”. The Bangkok Post would like to clarify that both the headline and statements attributed to former prime minister Anand Panyarachun in the article are erroneous and totally groundless. Mr Anand confirmed that he has never spoken to any Bangkok Post reporter about the matter. The Bangkok Post regrets the error and apologises for any inconvenience or negative repercussions caused by the article upon Mr Anand and the government. Below are some excerpts from the retracted article: Former prime minister Anand Panyarachun has turned his back on the government’s proposed political reform assembly, saying he will not allow himself to be used as a political pawn………While several have agreed to join the assembly if certain conditions are met, Mr Anand ruled out being a part of it even before he was approached to do so……….Mr Anand said yesterday he had not been approached by the government to join the proposed council, but stressed he would not take part in it to avoid being used as a pawn by any party…….He also questioned the motives of those who floated the names of people they wanted to take part in the assembly…………..“[This tactic] would make it seem to the public that the government is trying to foster national reconciliation but the others just won’t cooperate,” he said. (Source)


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