“News Outfits” spread “Fake News” Yingluck spends US$7,000 on meals

Thai PM Shinawatra at Asia Society 21

Thai PM Shinawatra at Asia Society 21 (Photo credit: Asia Society)

Khao Sod, a newspaper for the grassroots in Thailand, reports several news outfits have spread news that Yingluck spends US$7,000 on meals at the government house, at lunch meetings. Khao Sod said the Yingluck’s secretary office had to issue a letter denying the news. Khao Sod also said the picture the news outfits used to show Yingluck’s extravagance meals, was in fact a picture from a restaurant that was advertising its food. The news spread like wild-fire on the social network, with the White Mask, Guy Fawks anti Yingluck  movement, posting the news on its Facebook Group page. Khao Sod did not mentioned the name of the news outfits, but on social network, the name of one news outfit was mentioned, being Nak Khao Park Sanam (NKPS). NKPS is an internet based news outfit started by a group of hate Yingluck journalist, lead by a Channel 7 TV journalist, who admits that she is a supporter of Abhisit, to the extent that she wrote several pro Abhisit books. In Thailand, the political divide have reached the extent that few gives importance to facts and reasons. News outfit is not much different. For example, a big-shot journalist at the Bangkok Post donated about US$60,000 to Abhisit’s election campaign. (Source)

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