Journalism or Hate Speech? Nation asks if Yingluck is in Ecstasy? As she is Wet Enough & Doing it

Posters (with a rock on top as paper weight) a...

Posters (with a rock on top as paper weight) and stickers against Thaksin, at Sanam Luang, Bangkok, Thailand. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Responding to one of the dirtiest sexual related attack at Thailand’s Prime Minister, Yingluck, most on social network are reaction in total and absolute “Outraged.” This incident, involves a well known Thai, known as G6TV, posted a social network posting of one of the Nation Group, a news group in Thailand, Kanok, saying in Thai, where the English translation is, “Is Yingluck in Ecstasy yet, being so wet or is she still doing it.” At that posting, most of the post were strong condemnation of kanok, calling for Kanok to resign from being a journalist. Kanok has a TV program on the Nation Channel. The posting is an attempt at clever Thai language usage by talking about the rain in Thailand causing some flood, with the apparent sexual message. However, the dirtiest sexual related attack on Yingluck, relates to Abhisit‘s Dems MPs, on Blue Sky TV, said Yingluck went to a hotel, to take in “Sperm Fluid” from a secret lover. Nation major share owner and chief editor, Suthichai Yoon, lost a bid for a TV station to Thaksin, many years back, and most neutral observer says Suthichai has a grudge against Thaksin. Thaksin earlier, told Forbes, Nation and Bangkok Post are against him. (Source: G6TV Facebook Posting)

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