Poll found 51% Thais say “Thai Media” responsible for political crisis

Red Shirts protest on Ratchaprasong intersecti...

Red Shirts protest on Ratchaprasong intersection in 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I recently saw at a Committee to Protect Journalist (CPC) posting, on how journalist have turned against other journalist. I consider my self a journalist, and often I am confronted with that question CPJ raised, and often, people who reads this blog, often say I am against Freedom of Expression. Nothing, like my blog post on how the Thai public, was cold towards a journalist who spread a rumor on Coup was so controversial. Well, I accept all criticism, but just want to point out, that a majority of Thais, as found by a poll, said “The Thai Media” at third place, is the cause of the Thai political crisis. What ever this blog seems to be to people, it is one thing, and that is, it is the same as the majority of the Thai people, in being critical of the Thai press. The Thai press? As I have been saying and saying, 90% of it, serves the anti-democracy, elite establishment. So, what is the  “Bermuda Triangle of Thai political crisis? Several Thai press reports a pollster, ABAC poll, in asking a sample of Thais what they thought are the causes of conflict in Thai society, the respondents mentioned politicians (80.3%), law and the constitution (54.0%), the media (51.2%), state authorities (35.8%), the people in general (29.7%), and others such as academics and independent agencies (23.9%). More than two-third or 67.9% of the respondents believed there are political groups with an intention of toppling the government while the rest did not think so. Most thought Thaksin is the real Prime Minister in Thailand.


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