Bangkok Post journo says “Infrastructure Stupid” & Bangkok Post owner says “Infrastructure Smart”

A gold statue of a Kinnorn, a mythical half-ma...

A gold statue of a Kinnorn, a mythical half-man, half-bird, on the Upper Terrace of Wat Phra Kaew in the Grand Palace, Bangkok. Photographer: Vladimir V. Samoilov Date: August, 2004 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


If you have been reading the Bangkok Post‘s opinion pieces, there is no hiding the fact, but the Bangkok Post is against Yingluck‘s massive infrastructure borrowing, for like the high-speed train. Vorania, a Bangkok Post opinion writer, for example, says the spending is not intelligent, perhaps meaning dumb, overall. The problem, is that many people do not see the Yingluck’s plan as not intelligent and dumb, such as Thailand‘s Central Bank governor, Prasarn, who is overall, a critic of Yingluck’s overall economic strategy.  Prasarn, supports the infrastructure spending. The latest, reported by Matichon, a press for the progressive intellect, print edition, show a picture of a member of the Chrathiwat family, head of Central Retail, at a seminar to promote the Yingluck’s infrastructure spending plan. The Chrathiwat family, is a major share owner of the Bangkok Post.

There is a great deal of talk about the “Chinese Wall” in journalism, being a separation between editorial and ownership of news media, but in fact, in Thailand, there is no such thing as a “Chinese Wall.” Like way back in the USA, with the Hearst Mrdia Empire, here in Thailand today, the press, is mostly a tool of its owner.In the Bangkok Post case, the editorial took a negative direction on the infrastructure for years, with the Chrathiway making no “Support” or No support” move on the plan, but just in very recent days, again, came out to support the plan.

It is to be seen, if the Bangkok Post and people like Voranai, will change their position, as obviously, the likes of Chrathiwat family, is no stupid, and highly intelligence.



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