Cyber-Democracy journalism lays a trap that captured many of Bangkok’s establishment

Khao Sod, a newspaper in Thailand, calls it, “Operation Buffalo.”

Just briefly, the social network war, between the forces of Democracy and Fascism is heating up. One such force of Democracy is a Facebook group, that loves to lay trap. So this Facebook group, posted information, that Yingluck‘s government, at the last active as government cabinet meeting, approved some US$ billions budget, in a few hours, to buy political allegiances before the election, in February. And the forces of Thai fascism took the bite, and took the information and ran a campaign on it, as how corrupt Yingluck is, to be approving US$ billions, in a rush manner, some US$ multi million approval per minuet, to buy political allegiances. That campaign by the Fascist, involved its top people, at the highest ranking right next to Suthep, and also the Abhisit‘s Democrat Party high-ranking people, blasting at Yingluck, on Suthep’s stage and on their Facebook and twitter activity.

Then the Democracy Facebook group, made a correction, and said all the facts and numbers, about the Yingluck rapid fire US$ billions vote-buying budgeting, was actually from the Abhisit’s government, when it called for a general election, and at the last cabinet meeting, approved US$ billions of budget, with most of the projects getting the budget, where the project took minuets of vetting and approval.

The fact is, Yingluck last cabinet meet, did not vet and approved US$ billions, but it was Abhisit’s government last cabinet meet, that did that.

The results? All those who earlier bitched and bitched at Yingluck for being corrupt, and need to be ousted, for what they thought Yingluck approving US$ billions in minuets to buy votes, all of them, all the top people at Fascist Suthep’s movement and the Democrat Party, went all absolutely quiet, not a single word about Abhisit’s rapid fire US$ billions voter allegiance buying.

Khao Sod, a newspaper in Thailand, called the Democracy Facebook group that did that, “Operation Buffalo.”


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