Prayuth’s junta manipulating Thais with “Good Cop & Bad Cop” propaganda

Just briefly, the Thai military have come out with a propaganda campaign, to bring back happiness to the Thai people, and as it now controls all of Thailand’s information medium, minus much of social network, most of Thailand communication medium, have went on a “Love Binge” pumping out a great deal of “Lets Love Each Other Type of Programming” such as love music on radio and TV.

Thailand’s entertainment industry, with a combination, of being threatened and opportunity, have tried to co-op the happiness and love trend, and now pumping lots of “Love” type of entertainment.

At the same time of the “Happy & Love Each Other Campaign” by military junta, it is also using a massive “Campaign of Fear” calling in dissidents to report and be detained and oppressing dissent.

So clearly, the Thai military junta is playing God, feeding out “Fear and Love” across and covering Thailand. The happiness and love is the “Good Cop” act and the “Fear and suppression” is the “Bad Cop” act.

And its reconciliation effort, so far it is about 95% attempts to pacify the Red Shirts, again with “Fear and Love.”

And to stop This from thinking differently, and escape the “Good Cop and Bad Cop” act, there is massive censorship.

And Thailand’s censorship has reached global proportion.

Thailand’s junta briefly shut-down Facebook a few days back, in a combination of testing reaction and teaching social network users a lesson. After that attempt, if made a statement that it will contact social network provider such as Facebook and Line, to ask for cooperation on censorship. After that it was announced that Thailand will require internet service provider to go through Thai state firm.

Also, after the coup, most foreign news service, such as CNN have been banned in Thailand and most news in Thailand now, is propaganda. All information now approved by the junta, has been taken off the Thai society. There were suggestions of the forming of a government in exile, to which the junta, said it would go on a global hunt for the culprit. Foreign governments have also been warning their citizens against making political statement in the public, after a foreigner was arrested, for wearing a T-Shirt, calling for peace in Thailand.


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