UK’s Ambassador to Thailand, Mark Kent, back to fighting for freedom of expression

Just briefly, the UK’s Ambassador to Thailand, Mark Kent, is not your ordinary diplomat. And Thailand, is en-gulfed in one of the most repressive time in its history, with little freedom of expression left.

Before coming to Thailand he was UK’s ambassador to Vietnam and because of Vietnam’s clamp-down on bloggers, Mark Kent was out-raged and started a campaign in Vietnam, calling for internet freedom. Because of those internet freedom actions, the Vietnamese government often criticized Mark Kent.

Here in Thailand, days after the Thai coup, right after UK’s government making statements against the coup, Mark Kent posted on twitter, quote “I love Democracy and Constitutional Monarchy.”

Subsequently, Mark Kent made several other such statement, in support of Thailand’s democratic movement, including, that he will quote: “Start blogging again such as in Vietnam.”

The latest, is that the UK’s news group, Guardian, saw a page being blocked in Thailand. The page is on a group of UK academics, letter to the Guardian on the situation in Thailand.

Earlier, Mark Kent, on Twitter, gave a link to that Guardian article.

However, the UK’s business interest in Thailand is large, with a great many of UK’s tourist, also love to come to Thailand. And Mark Kent was seen a few days ago, at the opening ceremony of a former UK’s auto maker, now the firm bought by Chinese interest, with the Chinese firm auto factory, of that UK’s brand, in Thailand, rolling out the first car, an MG.

Since the coup, most government’s globally have condemned the coup, but China had endorse the coup.


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