Thai junta co-op popular “Soap Opera” in making official announcements to ride ratings

Just briefly, A well known Thai TV journalist, Kitti, just posted on Twitter that Prayuth’s junta, would make their official announcement, on a TV Pool (all channels) specifically, interrupting the highly popular with the Thais, nightly “Soap Drama” because (as translated from the below tweet) the junta, wants to take advantage of the “High Rating” the soap opera at different channels gets.

It should be noted, that Thai “Soap Opera” are highly “Dramatic” are much about Good People vs Bad people, with most of the plot about jealousy, and how the good people triumph over bad people. In Thailand’s political jargon, good people are the elite establishment and the bad people are liberals.

Kitti Singhapat @Kitti3Miti  ·  51m

คำสั่งหรือประกาศคสช.มักแทรกละคร ด้วยคิดว่าเรทติ้งสูง แต่ผมแนะนำให้ประกาศตอนกลางวันดีกว่าครับ สื่อเสนอได้ทั้งวัน หนังสือพิมพ์ก็เสนอข่าวทัน


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