A global tourism news unit, in an exception to the rule report, tells “Truth & Facts” about Thai junta


Most of the global press, and also in Thailand, on tourism, is just all about public relations. Only a few “Real” critic, such as in the restaurant and movie industry, ever rise to gain popular following. Moostly, it is about hyping up something, as a result of a relationship between the press and the industry. Like in Thailand, the Thai tourism officials, has invited about 1,000 tourism journalist, to visit Thailand, all expense, paid by Thailand of course.

The following is from e turbo news, a tourism news unit, in a exception of the rule report, and gave “Truth and Facts” on Thailand.

The following is from E Turbo News (a tourism news unit) (source)

Thailand military to media: Make our version of the truth known or face criminal charges

Thailand military to media: Make our version of the truth known or face criminal charges

Jun 27, 2014

In Thailand lower tourist arrivals contributed to the Thai economy to shrink 2.1 percent in January to March this year. The military often blamed the media for not reporting the truth. This is now changing. The military government will decide what the truth is and the media is expected to adopt the military’s evaluation of the truth in reporting about Thailand.

Thailand’s military authorities are setting up a network of panels to closely monitor domestic and international media and crack down on criticism of what the junta sees as its efforts to right the country, a senior officer said yesterday.

Adul Saengsingkaew, deputy head of the National Council of Peace and Order, said the military would monitor reports that were false or posed a threat to national security. Offenders who refused to cooperate could face charges.

Five committees are set up to monitor local and international media that will report to the military daily.

Police will not pursue legal action against media so long as journalists are cooperative and help share news that is constructive and true. Those that spread inappropriate content may face criminal charges.

Junta spokesman Winthai Suvaree said the panels were not intended to restrict Thais’ access to information.

The military has shut hundreds of “inappropriate websites,” radio stations and television channels since the coup.

The military regime has promised to install a government by September and stage elections in a little more than a year, but says it must first ensure stability. The United States and European Union denounced the takeover and halted cooperation with the kingdom.

The Thai Journalists Association, in a statement on its website on Wednesday, said it was worried about the action against the media. “It could impact the information the public receives and be an obstacle to our work,” it added.

Hundreds of political figures, activists, academics and business people have been detained. Most were promptly released and told to steer clear of politics and public statements.


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