Junta takes control of social media belonging to pro Yingluck social media campaigner

A Thai media artist, Palrak, who has worked with digital media products for the past 20 years and lives and works in Bangkok as a CEO.of a firm, says a staunch critic of the elite establishment and highly pro Yinguck and Pheu Thai Party, G6TV, have lost all control of his social media.

Palrak Raksaphol @palrak  ·  21h

ขณะนี้ คสช. ได้เข้าควบคุมระบบโซเชียลมีเดียร์ ของ go6TV ไว้หมดแล้วครับ

Pairak, says Prayuth’s junta, have taken control of all of G6TV social media.

G6TV was one of the person Prayuthh’s junta called in for detention, to undergo the so called “Attitude Adjustments.” He cam out of detention as most, and became pacify, making a statement that his social media campaign, have stopped.

Then odd messages began to appear on his social media, most of them, extremely pro-coup, and anti Yingluck.

A great deal of mystery have occurred with the social media of those that had undergone detention, for example, the Twitter account of one of an iconic Red Shirts, while he was in detention, saw the automatic application of the twitter account, posting that the account have followed new people.


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