Prayuth run BOI buys big advertisement in “Know Thai Reality Well” New York Times

Nok twittered & showed a picture, of Thailand’s Board of Investments (BOI) taking out a large advertisement in the New York Times. Thailand’s junta head, Prayuth, now personally direct the BOI, extremely proud, a few weeks earlier, that the BOI, frozen by Thai politics, was able to approve many projects, amounting to US$ billions, mostly, projects, from firms, that are linked to the junta, such as Toyota and CP.

A day later, after the advertisement, New York Times ran a re-buttle, to a New York Times report, on Thai shrimp, being contaminated with slave labor. Following up on all of that, the Thai junta said its people in the USA, will visit New York Times editorial department, to explain the Thai political situation, to New York Times.

New York Times of course, like most free press globe over, is critical of the Thai junta. But New York Times, apart from having a global edition, is also a very powerful and highly respected press. And also the New York Times, have given space, for Thai dissident, like Pavin, that the Thai junta is after.

New York Times, also have a penchant, of reporting on how the people of Thailand, are reacting to the political crisis, often, of the life of Thai liberals, at all levels of the social heir-ache. New York of course, is the financial capital of the globe and of the USA high society, with a great deal, of liberal culture and values, mixed in, with a great deal of all things capitalism and money.



“Think Asia, Invest THAILAND.” Advertised in the New York Times today by BOI.


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