Assembly of the Poor on Facebook campaign demanding Prayuth junta stop hurting the poor

Several twitter users, have for days, been reporting on the movement of Thailand’s some-what powerful, Assembly of the Poor movements that is critical to the Prayuth’s junta. The latest, according to several twitter user reports, is that the Assembly of the Poor, have begin to utilize its Facebook, in making posting critical of the Prayuth’s junta.

For a few weeks now, the assembly have been demanding that the Prayuth’s junta stoop “Hurting” the poor people of Thailand.

Fundamentally, the Prayuth junta, represents the interest  of the Thai elite and middle class, and therefore, its policy and solution to problems, are targeted to solve the elite and middle class problem.

For example, on the congested road communication in Bangkok, the Prayuth junta cleared several bottle-necks, caused much by public service vehicles, to clear the bottle-necks. The problem is, the poor that use public transportation suffers as the solution makes difficult use of public service. But the solution helps traffic flow improve, benefiting, those with private transportation, being mostly, better off Thais like middle class.

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