Key Thai dissident, Pavin, criticizes Bangkok Post journalist, Wassana, for close relationship with Prayuth

Just briefly, a key Thai dissident, who in recent weeks was published in the Japan Times, New York Times and the Diplomat, yesterday, criticized Bangkok Post’s national security journalist, Wassana, for Wassana, apparent close relationship with the Thai junta head, Prayuth.

pavin did not mentioned Wassana’s name or where she worked, but in Pavin’s Facebook posting, leave no doubt that he was discussing Wassana.

Pavin pointed out Wassana’s twitter activity, that reports a great deal about Prayuth, in detail, in highly favorable light, leaving out, a great deal of more significant news, about Thailand’s bigger issues impacting Thailand national security situation.

Wassana is Thailand’s most famous national security journalist, and have wrote many best seller book, of what went on behind the scene in Thailand’s political/military affairs. Most of the information Wassana presents in her books, are mostly common knowledge in the military affairs circle in Thailand, but have not made it to the public.

Wassana, like most Thai national security journalist and those that covers crime, are considered close to their source of information. However, at times, that closeness, have caused some mis-understanding, especially, in after the fact reaction by the public, when the news become news.

For example, years back, Wassana reported that Sorrayuth, head of the 2006 coup government, told her there was a deal with Thaksin, to bring peace to Thailand, if Thaksin gave the establishment time, by Thaksin staying away from Thailand.

Wassana reported the news, but the public reaction was not receptive to the news, and Sorrayuth said he never gave the information to Wassana. Bangkok Post had to retract the report, and Wassana, was criticized by many, that saw her as not credible. News subsequently came out, that Wassana suffered an emotional break-down, and cried heavily over the incident.

With Prayuth, Wassana was also one of the first to have went through the so called “Attitude Adjustment, made by the the junta. Reports said Wassana pressed Prayuth hard for some straight answers. Prayuth was angry of the incident, and the military called in Wassana for a talk, meaning, attitude adjustment.

Since then, Wassdana, mostly, like many other that had their attitude adjusted, now very much eat out of Prayuth’s hand.



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