A “Biased” Bangkok Post report on a hoffific “Politicized” rape & murder case?

Did an “Un-Fair” Bangkok Post report got Thailand’s train system head fired?

Some press noted, that the head of Thailand’s train system, a figure considered close to the Yingluck government was fired, shortly, after the Bangkok Post ran a report.  The Bangkok Post report, faulted the train system head, for failure, after a horrific rape and murder case of a young girl took place on the train.

The some press noted that the Bangkok Post, faulted the train system head, for hiring the man, who committed the rape and murder, for the system head failure to block the man’s hiring, since the man as a history of rape crime.

Many pointed out, that Thailand’s train system is old, much managed by analog data system, and that the train system has about 10,000 employees.

So what is this “Horrific” rape and murder case all about? In Thailand, I lived here for most of the past 30 years, and have never saw news of rape and murder, become this “Massive Mega News” level before.

Again, recently, there was a horrific “Rape & Murder” case of a young girl in Thailand, and there was so much “Out-Raged” there were protest for “Capital Punishment” of the people who committed the crime. But in Thailand, when it comes to “”Biggest” sexually related problem, it is unwanted pregnancy by young Thai. So “Liberal Thais” have been prescribing “Positive Education” to support “Responsible” attitude towards sex, of the young So in Thailand, another problem, not occurring that much, is rape & at times, with “Horrific” murder of rape victim. The latest in Thailand, “A Horrific Rape & Murder” of a young girl, on a “Train” & it became “Massive Mega News” in Thailand

I lived in BKK, long-time & used to read local press, that always report on sex crime & I no remember “Massive Mega News” like this case

This “Horrific Rape & Murder” on a “Train” case, occurred under a Thailand, being transformed, to much totalitarian state & out liberal roots. So junta, dictatorship & near zero liberal values, respond to Horrific Rape & Murder, is to cut sex “A Go” all type, from the media. That of course, is impossible, as Thai Soap Drama, is filled with “Love” after “Rape” story-line, that it had ingrained int the Thai culture.

There is a very long debate in Thailand, should school sell condom, as statistics say, lots of students, lots of ages, lots into sex. That massive problem, un-wanted pregnancy of young Thais, exists, under total failure Thai education, as Thai kids, rank one of lowest IQ globally. The problem Thai education, most educators point out, that result in very low IQ kids, is system, mostly indoctrinate & not real education. And the press reports today that Thai education ministry, is to include, the junta’s prescribed “10 to 15 Values” into Thai school curriculum, for school to produce “Good Kids”

As one can see, the horrific case of rape & murder of a young girl, gave Thailand few lessons and in the end, the head of the Thai train system, seen as close to Yingluck was sacked, as noted by many, right after Bangkok Post reported a story o the incident.


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