Blog Comment: Where is the “Pride in being a Liberal” in consuming news in Thailand?

Since the revolution that replaced Thailand’s absolute monarchy with constitutional monarchy, there have been a struggle between the far extreme right and the liberals, and the battle is also play out on the news media.

However, for most of that time & currently the Thai media was/1s mostly far right. Over the years, some liberal press emerged, such as the Matichon Group, originally, sold mostly to liberal left-wing university students, but overall, even with Matichon, most of the time, these days, it is far right-wing.

So what are liberals in Thailand to do?

Well, as has always been the saying, beggars cannot be choosers, and so the liberal in Thailand have learned to live with the right win press. One result of that, is that when these far extreme right press, makes sense and appear liberal, the article generate excitement and discussion.

But you know some of these liberals news consumer have no pride in being consumer at all!

Take BangKok Post, about as far extreme right as they come, with about 95% of front page news, always very far right and in the opinion page, about 80% far extreme right.

Overall, normally at the Bangkok Post, it is 90% of the timer, boot-licking the traditional elite establishment.

So once in a while, the extreme right, Bangkok Post, report a sense making reports that liberals can understand and not the usual crap. And guess what? When that occurs, again, there is extreme excitement from liberals in Thailand and the article, again, will generate great deal of discussion and applause.

But is that it, for liberals, taking the left over bones, from the likes of Bangkok Post, to lick & chew at?

Is that all to being a liberal news consumer in Thailand?

Is that it, getting excited when news seems to make sense and the angle of the report is acceptable?

Does not, the far right like the Bangkok Post, in the end, after all the liberal news it presents, still setting the discussion agenda, from a far right angle, for society to follow?

And is a liberal, supposed to read all the extreme far right crap along with the few liberal articles, and live with a liberal piece of news once in a while, that usually is bury deep somewhere?

In the end, is the Thai liberal mind, being “Amended and Edited” by the likes of Bangkok Post?

The reason I say liberal consumer of news, many have no pride, is because many liberals see those few scrap of bones from Bangkok Post as great.

I have had so many people, tweet me or send me liberal news to read from the Bangkok Post and I wonder, what is going on?

Are they starving and so hungry? What about news from like Prachatai & Khao Sod English, that are liberal most of the time?

I do not give much of a fuck about, the likes of Bangkok Post. Usually, I do not even look at anything from the Bangkok Post, months upon months, by my own efforts, and I do not feel like I am missing any news.

Again, they say beggars cannot be choosers.

But I am not going to beg for liberal news from Bangkok Post.

Again, I come across lots of Thai news from friends on Twitter, and many times, by the likes of Bangkok Post and the Nation comes through.

And I will re-tweet it.

But that is about as far as I go. I can accept news from Thailand’s mostly far right local press. However, I take the news through a “Filtering” first, by friends, like on on Twitter.

Again, where is the liberals pride?


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