Ramkhamhaeng (created Thai alphabet) Uni students’ group issue statement: Election Now

Matichon reports (source) Ramkhamhaeng (a King who created Thai alphabet) University students blast back, at Thailand’s Education Ministry Permanent Secretary criticizing students for getting involved with politics, with a statement: “Stop everything & have an election.”

The students, calling themselves, the Ramkhamhaeng Protectors of Democracy Group, exist within the university, where the university management and many students group, has long been infiltrated by Thailand’s various Neo Fascist Movement.
Earlier in the year, when the Neo Fascist, Suthep, shut-down Bangkok, the mostly pro Democracy, Red Shirts, gathered at the National Stadium, next to the university, to show support for the elected Yingluck government. As the Red Shirts began to arrive at the stadium, news says, certain student groups at the university, attacked, in the open, public buses, carrying the Red Shirts to the near bye stadium.

That night, the entire area, the university and the stadium, exploded into violence, where all sides blamed the other side, as 10s of 1,000s Red Shirts, were trapped in the stadium. In the morning, the Red Shirts, citing a wish not to confront anyone, and to calm the situation, began to leave to stadium. The police had to clear a way out of the stadium for the Red Shirts.
The Red Shirt said they planned and picked the national stadium as the place to meet and show support to the elected government, as the stadium, was far from inner Bangkok, where the Neo Fascist, Suthep was active, with his Bangkok shut-down activities.

After the coup, which kicked out Yingluck, Suthep said he and Prayuth, then the Army Chief and now the Dictator, had worked together to destabilized Thailand for a military take-over.

Ramkhamhaeng University is one of two open universities in Thailand. The university was named in honour of King Ramkhamhaeng the Great of Sukhothai, who traditionally is credited for creating the Thai alphabet. Before the establishment of Ramkhamhaeng University in 1971, Thailand had what has been described as “a crisis in the quest for higher education”, since the number of high school graduates seeking competitive place in the government universities far outnumbered the capacity of all universities combined. Parliament finally passed a law authorizing the establishment of Ramkhamhaeng University, the kingdom’s first open-admission university.

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