Khao Sod starts English language website: Grass-roots news goes global?

When Thaksin said Thailand two English language press was against him, a few months back, he obviously was not counting on Khao Sod, a newspaper targeted to the grass-roots, to produce an English version for the internet.

  • The two English press Thaksin was talking about, was obviously, Bangkok Post and the Nation. And indeed, Thaksin is right, that the two papers are against him. The fact is, Bangkok Post and the Nation, are far extreme right wing newspaper, that serves the Elite Establishment.

But most foreigners in Thailand, here on the medium to long-term basis, knows that Bangkok Post and Nation, are mostly is anti Thaksin and anti Yingluck propaganda. Indeed, one of the complaint for years by many foreigners here, is that there is not a liberal English language news media in Thailand. Simply put,  foreigners who comes to Thailand, are basically, stuck with the far right wing, Bangkok Post and Nation.

  • Additionally, there has been a great deal of talk in Thailand, about foreign journalist at the Foreign Correspondent Club of Thailand (FCCT) following the lead of Bangkok Post and Nation, as representative of what the Thai people are thinking. That is clearly wrong.

Therefore, there is “Lost in Translation” between what the foreign journalist report as to what is going on in Thailand to the global audience, and to what is actually going on in Thailand.

  • What foreign journalist writes about Thailand for the globe to consume, is about 80% not about what the Thai people are thinking. What foreign journalist write about, is an imagined Thailand by the far right Bangkok Post and Nation.

Perhaps, with the coming on scene of Khao Sod newspaper’s English language internet version, foreigners here in Thailand, including foreign journalist, will have the opportunity to read news that the likes of Bangkok Post and Nation censors, and get a sense of what the grass-roots in Thailand are thinking.

The grass-roots, in the country side or in cities and towns, are about 80% of the Thai people. That about 80% of the Thai people, have mostly gave Thaksin and Yingluck elections landslide winning for the past 20 years.

So as foreign journalist in Thailand, gang-up with the far right wing Bangkok Post and Nation, to report news to the globe as to what is going on in Thailand, the fact is, they are reporting a Thailand, as seen by the elite establishment.

Perhapsd, Khao Sod, will be able to gap, some of the communications divide, between Thais and foreigners, including foreign journalist, in Thailand.

Khao Sod is Thailand’s third largest circulation newspaper, after Thai Rath and Daily News. The circulation is estimated close to a millions copy, mostly, up-country with the grass-roots, except selling poorly in Southern Thailand, where the pro elite Democrat Party is strong.

  • Abhisit’s Democrat Party, have long launched a campaign to boycott the Matichon Group publications, to which Khao Sod is in the Matichon Group. In Thailand, the Matichon group is known as progressive intellect, but is sensitive towards the issue of lese majeste.

Matichon is branching into internet and cable TV news programming. The firm is listed on the Thai stock market, and is one of the most profitable media firm in Thailand. Matichon has been in a protracted confrontation with various Thailand’s journalist association, as all Thai journalist organizations are known along the same line as the FCCT, meaning, far right wing bent.


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